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Potato in Flowers by Nojo-on-the-rojo Potato in Flowers :iconnojo-on-the-rojo:Nojo-on-the-rojo 3 2 Tabula, the Tempest Queen by Nojo-on-the-rojo Tabula, the Tempest Queen :iconnojo-on-the-rojo:Nojo-on-the-rojo 0 0 Psittacoidea by Nojo-on-the-rojo Psittacoidea :iconnojo-on-the-rojo:Nojo-on-the-rojo 1 2 Anakka (1985- ) by Nojo-on-the-rojo Anakka (1985- ) :iconnojo-on-the-rojo:Nojo-on-the-rojo 2 0
The Curse, Chapter 10
Yes, Jehanne concurred, this was a good morning. The rain poured down heavily, abusing the leaves and bringing up the smell of petrichor. The sky was the color of fish scales, still waking itself up in the periwinkle light of dawn. Jehanne didn’t want to get up, even after sleeping for twelve hours. The sound of squealing horses forced her up, striking her heart like lightning—the horses were scared of something, and that usually meant humans should be, too. Throwing on her cape, she stepped out into the rainy pines.
By her tiptoes, she made it around the twenty tents in search for anyone else; the horses found her first. White Rose was stamping his stumpy legs in the corral, snorting and kicking up mud, and Hugo’s black steed was rocking his head back and forth.
“Shh, Caesar, you’re fine,” she cooed, softly petting the long, muscular neck. Noise rose from behind the corral, and through the trees, she saw glimpses of white and blue, dashing and rolli
:iconnojo-on-the-rojo:Nojo-on-the-rojo 0 1
Cassie the Cougar by Nojo-on-the-rojo Cassie the Cougar :iconnojo-on-the-rojo:Nojo-on-the-rojo 1 0
The Curse, Chapter 9
Dietmar pulled awake to find his eyes in line with another’s—Jehanne loomed closely over him, her face wrinkled with worry. Hemma snored awake in the tent.
“I heard something,” the blacksmith whispered. “Ready your magic, and I’ll get Hugo.”
Hugo readied his sword, poised near Jehanne’s head. The blacksmith and wizard shouted in surprise, and Hemma pulled her husband from the tent.
“Yes! Yes, ready your magic, Wizard!” Hugo boomed. “Stand back, women.”
Hemma fetched an iron pot, and Jehanne a pointed stick. They slipped just behind the soldier, where he couldn’t see. Twilight still loitered in the sky, and the embers of that night’s fire still glowed. They couldn’t see far into the trees.
Dietmar did not raise his hands, or reach for his bag of sorts. He only waited, fingers twitching with excitement. Static filled the glen, unlike the static of magic that Dietmar knew well.
“Stay low, all,&
:iconnojo-on-the-rojo:Nojo-on-the-rojo 0 0
The Curse, Chapter 8
“You saw a dog, what of it?” Hemma snapped, slopping porridge into Jehanne’s bowl. “Dogs go feral all the time, in these woods.”
The taller woman sloshed her bowl around. “Looking so clean and well-fed? I think not, madam. Count Hugo, was it not sharp-looking?”
“Sharp and strong,” he agreed with a nod. “But I’d still win in a fight against it!”
He thrust his sword into the fire, embers floating through the air. The water was still rolling after they’d taken the pot from the flame, and here and there, Hemma helped he flame keep its height. “Put your sword away, lord. The wind is sending ash in my eyes.”
Count Hugo laughed, and sheathed his sword. Dietmar kept to the brush, on the lookout for stray dogs or rogue woodsmen. He paid no mind to the fact that Jehanne was glaring into her porridge.
His wife, ever alert, knelt to her with a spoon. “You should always eat with a spoon. Or at least a pi
:iconnojo-on-the-rojo:Nojo-on-the-rojo 0 0
Cool Girl Llama Clique by Nojo-on-the-rojo Cool Girl Llama Clique :iconnojo-on-the-rojo:Nojo-on-the-rojo 5 0 Arctic The Spacehead Snow Leopard - NOIR- by Nojo-on-the-rojo Arctic The Spacehead Snow Leopard - NOIR- :iconnojo-on-the-rojo:Nojo-on-the-rojo 0 0 Arctic the Spacehead Snow Leopard by Nojo-on-the-rojo Arctic the Spacehead Snow Leopard :iconnojo-on-the-rojo:Nojo-on-the-rojo 1 1 Count Hugo by Nojo-on-the-rojo Count Hugo :iconnojo-on-the-rojo:Nojo-on-the-rojo 2 0
The Curse, chapter 7
The mouth of the forest was gaping and dark, full of black pines and the mists of noon. Dietmar gazed up at the sky. The heads of numerous wooded mountains blocked his view. He pulled a stick from his pack.
“Why have you stopped?” said Count Hugo, riding up to meet him.
Dietmar drew a deep breath and tapped the stick with his fingertips. A fat, singing flame rose from the middle; a row of trees danced in view at their song.
“Wizard, there is nothing but lynxes and louses between this line of trees… and civilization. We will be hiking through fen and fern, and—”
“My lord, I understand your concern,” Dietmar said. “We will only be walking for half a day. We will live.”
“Of course, Dietmar, but don’t set the woods on fire,” Count Hugo scolded, and doused the torch with his canteen.
The wizard clapped his lord’s shoulder, and rode forward into the trees. His horse bowed its head to the darkness. He heard th
:iconnojo-on-the-rojo:Nojo-on-the-rojo 0 0
Dietmar von Speyer by Nojo-on-the-rojo Dietmar von Speyer :iconnojo-on-the-rojo:Nojo-on-the-rojo 0 2
The Curse, Chapter 6
They set out of the castle with the Matins bells from Speyer Cathedral. Dawn was barely risen, but the city’s people were out with their horses and carts, or crying their wares. The townsfolk stared in curiosity at this varied group of riders, most of all their beloved ruling Count. They muttered such things as “Where is he off to?”, “Was he called off to Jerusalem again?”, or “He takes his wizard and two women. Are they off to a resort?”
Hugo paid no man or woman mind. “We head to Pirmasens,” he said, riding ahead of the others, past the bakers’ shops.
Hemma prodded her horse forward. “Through the Forest?”
“Of course, one must get past the grove of trees to get to the next town. There is nothing between.”
Dietmar laughed. “Frightened now, love?”
“I’ll kick you off your horse if you say I’m affrighted, Tielo!”
Hugo stopped his horse. “No one shall kick anyone, a
:iconnojo-on-the-rojo:Nojo-on-the-rojo 1 0
The Curse, chapter 5
Gerwig stood up in a flame of outrage. His belled boots sang with his movement as he paced through the night cast stone courtyard. “Am I to be left alone with this province, just for this supposed curse? What if someone invades us?”
Hugo grinned. “No Normans or Ottomans will attack as long as my name lives.”
“I should hope that doesn’t happen!” shouted Gerwig. Servants fled this way and that, seeking to avoid their younger lord’s anger. The wizard and healer stayed.
The excitable Count Gerwig was red even in his skin now. His temples pulsed with tension. As his brother fought for ten years in Palestine, Gerwig was hunting in the Palatinate Forest, drinking with brigands and sopping up his brother’s new titles. Hugo had come back to a mound of debt and his sisters’ dowries ruined, for a time. Now his brother donned chain mail and guarded Hugo’s castle, as punishment. No amount of apologies would ever fix what was harmed,
:iconnojo-on-the-rojo:Nojo-on-the-rojo 1 0

Random Favourites

Rainbow Puke by michi-no Rainbow Puke :iconmichi-no:michi-no 6 9 Shy away by Wyrdling Shy away :iconwyrdling:Wyrdling 17 6 Cat Comic by qeius Cat Comic :iconqeius:qeius 14 15 Old Meyers by TheBrassGlass Old Meyers :iconthebrassglass:TheBrassGlass 4 20 Heroes - Emperor Kuzco by davidkawena Heroes - Emperor Kuzco :icondavidkawena:davidkawena 12,487 1,801
The Cherries Were Breathtaking
A kiss, I melt. It's every dream I wish for.
Your lips; lush, soft and pressed against mine.
Redder than the cherries you love so dearly;
Sweeter than the chocolate that you lace them with.
My breath catches in my chest, I'm pinned to the moment.
Let these seconds last forever and never,
I'm not sure I can bring myself to hope for more.
So we kiss and I'll wonder what sweetness outshines
the sweetest of lips against mine-laced chocolate across cherries.
:icondeizzan:Deizzan 9 7
Ruto by Maga-Link Ruto :iconmaga-link:Maga-Link 749 169 Innocence by CrimsonTearDrops018 Innocence :iconcrimsonteardrops018:CrimsonTearDrops018 32 44 MoreLikeBlue: Hairspray by MrGobi MoreLikeBlue: Hairspray :iconmrgobi:MrGobi 134 42 The Count by rogercruz The Count :iconrogercruz:rogercruz 4,021 514
Me Heart In A French Clover
Sitting beside me-self in this box
That ya sealed shut with locks-
“I can not really see
Why you’re talkin’ a’me.”
This brain riddle with us talks.
“Put that silly hook away now
Luv, the sheep are allow’.
It was but one night
We spent in light
And still ya wan’ me in tow.”
I gave to you me in clovers
All dressed up a’ true lovers
And I’d trade me dog
If you was me to ‘og.
“But you an’ me be rovers!
We must go across the ‘ills
And ignore the old thrills!
We ‘ave sheep to tend
And need no mend
As long as we gots bills
To pay within our lives.”
I’d love thee four wives
Dead in the ground
Or kickin’ ‘round.
“So get ya them knives!
For any woman so daft
To even ‘and ya a draft
Of a life can’t cut
Me mum’s mutt’.”
Then hand me shaft
And I’ll be on me way
Before ya can say-
“That I’ll miss ya
For more than la’?”
With that, good day.
:iconromancing-the-broken:Romancing-the-Broken 1 4
Silence Before the Storm
We all heard those planes coming,
We all heard the shrieking of jets,
We all heard the crash and boom,
Thousand of miles away,
We all felt the impact.
I remember the day,
7 years old, just sarted the 2nd grade,
I had no idea, what fear was like,
But when those planes hit,
And those people screamed,
When buildings caught fire,
And children ran for their lives,
I remember the moment.
A noise not in range,
Not a car honk,
Not a baby screaming,
Not a single person speaking.
Then. Impact.
Fire flared, Glass shattered,
Babies were screamin,
As their mothers ran for their lives,
People were running, but it did no good.
Then. Impact.
Fire flared, Glass shattered,
Babies were screamin,
As their mid-life mommas were huddlin in fear,
There was no where to run to,
Then. Impact.
Thousands of miles away,
Yet another, tradegy on this day.
If the military can't help,
Who can?
Men ran blindy, into the piles of rubble,
Saving one life, was better then none,
Risking their heartbeat, for the sake of a chi
:iconarty-art:Arty-Art 2 9
Mozart finds his muse by BlueBirdie Mozart finds his muse :iconbluebirdie:BlueBirdie 166 45 RED WING - Apsaroke by wendelin RED WING - Apsaroke :iconwendelin:wendelin 293 68
So, there was a time, a summer of cracked earth smiles,
When rough and tumble days of unending smiles drifted
Beneath blankets of weeping beech picnic lunches;
Sundials marking the progress of summer-house seasons
Bookended by Bayko houses and Freddos in the bath...
There were days endless with cream-cake noses,
Beach hut weeks splashing across the shingle
Reckless with the ignorance that life always shone,
The co-op’s little red van would always whirr along
Delivering fruit with heedless brown-overalled smiles.
These were the timeless days, sleep a punctuation mark
Between running laughter, whilst dogs loafed in the sun
Beneath burgeoning pear trees shading daisies yellow
And benign spiders lounged nonchalantly in the thrills
Of the outside lavatory, undisturbed by the loud flush...
When days passed reckless, sure that nothing ever changed,
Grandparents would always have rolls of crepe streamers,
Paper-chains would punctuate fireside Christmas’s
In the way that Pippin in Pla
:iconobliquewordsmith:ObliqueWordsmith 4 1


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